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Wolves' life
Updated: 6/7/2018
Wolves' life
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Storyboard Description

Wolfie, Soft, Bonnie are trying to find a cave to sleep in. They look every where and and kept trying. Also, its almost night so they have to find one quick >w<

Storyboard Text

  • Yeah, I don't like it when it gets dark. I could bearly see anything.
  • We have to find a cave before it starts snowing and it becomes dark.
  • Y-yeah its g-geting really c-cold.
  • What about this one, Wolfie? It looks really dark.
  • This one looks like a good cave.
  • No, this one is too small.
  • ROOAAR!!
  • RUN!!!
  • One day, a siblings wolves, Wolfie,( the blue one) Bonnie,(the dark purple one) and Soft ( the lighter purple one), are trying to find a cave before it snows and it becomes dark.
  • What about this cave, Wolfie? It looks cozy in here.
  • Now lets get some shut eye before it snows.
  • Hmm, it's big, no other animals are in here, yeah its perfect!
  • The wolves found this cave, but this one is too small. The wolves now have to find another cave.
  • AHHH!! A BEAR!! Bonnie and Soft run off while Wolfie distracts the bear! Well, next cave, I guess.
  • The wolves finally found their perfect cave to sleep in and keep for their home.
  • Bonnie and Soft went right to sleep, but Wolfie didn't, the moon was out.
  • Hello snow, and good night wolves. The End!
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