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Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • Spanish American War : Pacific expansion
  • Ah silly Spanish, who's a world power now? MERICA'
  • Annexation of Hawaii
  • Ah.... yes mr. President! We captured Hawaii just as you instructed for "strategic purposes"
  • Warfare and Diplomacy in Africa
  • The Spanish-American war gave authority over the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Cuba to the United States in the treaty of Paris. This affected the U.S. strategically in WWII and also affected the Spanish economically returning all the capital invested in overseas colonies to the mainland. The gain of these things led eventually to control over Cuban policies for many years, the U.S. Pilipino war and overall U.S. pacific expansion. 
  • Settler Colonies
  • originally entering the thought of annexation because of tariff problems, Cleveland, an anti-imperialist, delayed the process until McKinley took office and finally completed the process bringing Hawaii into the U.S. for strategic purposes in the Spanish American war over the Philippines.
  • Manifest Destiny
  • What the heck?? This is not your "destiny" we were here first!
  • Although the European scramble for Africa was large-scale, The United States tended to look closer to home in Latin America instead. The U.S. did have one stake in Africa, Liberia. Liberia was a semi-independent nation made of prior American slaves. They were still dependent on the U.S. but acted as a free entity.
  • Monroe doctrine
  • so we're just gonna...
  • Following Jefferson's Louisiana purchase, Westward expansion became the U.S.' version of settler colonies. Everywhere from Kansas to Oregon, Americans were moving, taking land,giving a rise to communities. With a complete disregard to the natives living there. This displacement and relocation of massive numbers of native peoples along with the growth of America as a country were two effects of westward expansion
  • The idea that the United States expansion west was both inevitable and justified. Manifest destiny, while beneficial to both the growth of the U.S. as a nation and the justification of U.S. imperialism, was massively detrimental to the native populations of the Americas
  • The Monroe doctrine was the first stepping stone into the sole domination of many Latin American countries. This stated that all affairs in the western hemisphere were under U.S. jurisdiction and that the Europeans had no business interfering. This kept the kind of "scramble for Africa" out of the Americas and instead created a generally open field for U.S. imperialism in Latin America.
  • No.
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