Decision Making
Updated: 1/12/2021
Decision Making

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  • I have to detremine whats happening. My freind who is drunk wants to drive me home. How should I approch this?
  • "You need a ride home? I've had a few drinks but I'm fine"
  • First have to examine my options.Should I go with her. Or should I find another way home
  • Now I have to consider the consequences.if go with her we could get into a car accident, but if I don't she might get mad me
  • I can now Identify my values. I care about my friendship, but I also care about our safety.
  • Now I decide the healthest option."Hey I don't think you should be driving, lets take a taxi home instead"
  • "Okay sounds good!"
  • Now I can evalute the outcome. "I'll call a taxi and now I'm sure we'll get home safety."
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