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Forces- Gravity, Friction, Magnetism, Elastic, and Magnetism
Updated: 3/1/2019
Forces- Gravity, Friction, Magnetism, Elastic, and Magnetism
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SCIENCE PROJECT! Learn about the Forces of Earth through DNN News!

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  • Introduction: Forces
  • Good morning, I am Bryan Burke live from New York and I'm here to discuss the impact certain forces have on us and our daily lives.
  • DNN News DNN News
  • To start us off, let's go to Frank Wilis, who is live from Space
  • Gravity
  • Hi, I am Frank Wilis, from DNN News, here to explain gravity. I'm currently in space away from Earth's gravitational pull! I feel like I'm floating!
  • Gravity is a force that keeps all things from floating off. It is constantly pulling downwards towards the center of Earth. 
  • Friction
  • I'm Cathy from DNN and this is my son Jacob. He is currently running around the house and wearing socks with grips.
  • Oh no! I almost fell! It's a good thing I'm wearing my special socks
  • _________
  • ____________
  • _____________________
  • Forces are a push or pull exerted on different objects.
  • Elasticity
  • Angry Birds
  • Gravity is what keeps Earth revolving around the Sun and what keeps the Moon revolving around Earth. It's the force that brings all objects down.
  • Magnetism
  • Must...take...purse... but why isn't it opening?...ouch I fell, is that a magnet holding the purse together?
  • The grips on Jacob's socks create friction which prevents him from slipping. The friction is created when the socks slide against the floor.
  • Conclusion
  • That's it for today! Thank you all for tuning into DNN News for our special segment on forces.
  • Elasticity helps objects go farther when pulled back (like the slingshot from Angry Birds).
  • My name is Jaakko Iisalo and I am the creator of Angry Birds. The force of elasticity is used in my game with the slingshot. The slingshot shoots the birds to hit the green pigs.
  • Magnets use Magnetism which is created from Earth's rotation. Magnets are strong because magnetic forces are constantly pushing on each other.
  • I can't believe I'm trying to get's a good thing my purse is secured with a magnet.
  • The forces gravity, friction, elasticity and Magnetism allow life on Earth to be easy and fun.
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