Drama/media script storyboard
Updated: 4/20/2021
Drama/media script storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Scene: Felicty was having a walk in the park and she saw Echo the villian with a bag and she became unconcious.Diolouge: AHH! who are you!Your nightmare.....
  • Felicity gets taken to a train track and is tied with time bomb around her. She sees the villian and her sidekick.Diologue: OMG! You are so rude but I'll be saved!
  • Felicity's dad gets a call saying that his daughter was kidnapped and ahs to pay $1000 to free her and has to come under an hour. He calls Blaze and tells him.Diologue: Come to the closest train track with a thousand dollars under an hour to pick your kidnapped daughter.
  • Scene: Blaze comes and they make a deal to whoever wins the fight, takes Felecity and she says goodbye because she gets ignored by blaze.Diologue: Felicity: I'm saying goodbye!Blaze: Then its a deal.
  • Scene:They all fight to see who takes Felicity.Diologue:*Punches*
  • scene: The fight ends and they find Echo caught by The minion and saved everyone!Dilogue: Don't worry, Good always wins against evil!