Updated: 5/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • look at you ! you are black and white
  • bang
  • skittle was talking to her sister when an alarm went off they is danger skittle and her sister when to see what was wrong
  • look they have something coloured in they hands
  • POOF!
  • run
  • they went to see what was wrong someone has take all the colours in the world and try it black and white that mean the skittle must be stolen
  • you are going to jail and give me the light
  • skittle had be having a bad day first he went to find a skittle then he had throw over the stairs and make a band what is going to happen next
  • we did it!
  • pow!
  • skittle and her sister when to the last place they would go and they find them but some how the poof away and never to be seen
  • skittle and her sister find the light people and say to put them to jail the last thing they need to do was the world and everything would be back to how it was
  • skittle saved the city ones again with her sister and the world had colour the end