John Locke Comic
Updated: 12/19/2019
John Locke Comic
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  • Hello sir. What is your name?
  • Hi, my name is John Locke. I was born in England.
  • I believe in NATURAL RIGHTS! These are rights everyone is born with including life, liberty, and property.
  • Sir, I just askd your name, I-
  • Many of my ideas are reflected in the United States Constitution!
  • Sir-
  • "Man...Hath by nature a power... to preserve his property-that is his life, liberty, and estate- against the injuries and attempts of others."
  • This means that if someone is to take your liberty or property away, you have the right to retaliate.
  • Our system of government is largely influenced by my ideas and has helped keep people safe.
  • I'm terribly sorry, i do get carried away sometimes. My apologies. Have a good day.
  • Sir, please, all I did was ask your name.
  • Thank You For Reading!
  • Natural Rights!
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