Unknown Story

Updated: 5/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hi im Liv and i like to help people.
  • You got the grub?
  • Yes boss!
  • This is Liv . She is a student at BVH,
  • Sir ,someone robbed a bank and They are under the brige
  • Liv was an A+ student .one day she was coming home from school an saw a gangster meeting.
  • My son !? You must be mistaken ma'am.
  • He is the robber!!I saw him under the bridge. I have video prof
  • Oop...
  • They robbed the bank!!
  • Man I hate park cleaning!!!
  • Then Liv went to the station and repoted it. The officer invted her to dinner to talk more about the robbery
  • So Liv dressed her best and went to the dinner.The robber was the police son!!!!!!!
  • Since he was the police man son they made a deal that he hade to pick up the trash for the rest of his life.(not all heros have cape's)