Vales_Arvie_P-My Volunteerism Story-NSTP

Updated: 10/12/2021
Vales_Arvie_P-My Volunteerism Story-NSTP

Storyboard Text

  • RCY? Sounds interesting. I'll join then.
  • It was all began when I was in high school and I saw an announcement pinned on the bulletin board. I've never joined in any school activities organized by the school council. That was the first time I joined because it awaken my interest.
  • Right after I enlisted myself at the school council office, I was told to go to the AVR since the briefing would be held there. and when the proctor said that the Leadership Training will be held at the school ground on Saturday to avoid academic conflicts, the students who was there with me roared with happiness and excitement.
  • When the awaited Saturday came, we all gathered at the school ground to begin the RCY Training. at first, I thought it would be a seminar-alike but I was wrong because after our lecture about Red Cross was an unexpected event. we played a lot of games. the games that will make you scream, mad, laugh, think critically and everything. the training made us learned everything about leadership and follower. that made us all panting because of exhaustion. while on training, an unexpected bonds formed. we made a lot of friends there. different attitudes, different interests and temper.
  • After that training, I volunteered to help in our school clinic in assessing students who doesn't feeling well. I was an attendant there helping our school nurse to reduce her task and at the same time studying. it wasn't an easy task at first since, everything was foreign to me. I just eventually felt the happiness in that work, I found myself there working around with people. By the perseverance I had, I was elected as RCY Vice- President in our school.
  • In our bario, since I lived in province before, my sister was a Barangay Health Worker before. And I enjoyed accompanying her going house to house to ensure that the people with comorbidities are surely consuming their free maintenance provided by the local government.
  • That's when I started to consider that becoming a doctor is one of my dream.