Animal Farm

Animal Farm

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Napoleon lies to everyone.

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  • We're going to find you! Woof!
  • Woof! Woof! Where are you, Snowball?!
  • *panting*
  • "What really happened to Snowball"
  • What am  I supposed to do now? Napoleon has chased me out and I have no food and nowhere to go! I have to find food before I die of starvation.
  • 43 hours later
  • *doesn't find any food and dies of starvation*
  • In this scene, Snowball is being chased out by Napoleon's dogs. he is hiding behind the barn while they are looking for him. In real life, this scene represents the Czars being overthrown by the Bolsheviks in Russia. Napoleon represents the Bolsheviks, more specifically Stalin, and Snowball the Czars, more specifically Nicholas II. 
  • We have discovered that someone has been sneaking around at night and stealing our food rations. We also have reason to believe that this person is Snowball and he is plotting against us to take over the farm with help from the humans.
  • Woof! Woof! You heard our Master!
  • I can smell him! Snowball was here and he stole our food rations, let's go check on the windmill too!
  • In this scene Snowball has been chased out the farm and is headed to search for some food and a place to stay. This situation resembles the dethronement of Tsar Nicholas II. After his rule ended, the Tsar and his family were held in various locations, eventually being executed in Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains.
  • 3 days after chasing Snowball out
  • Woof! We saw him! Woof! Woof! e were there! You have to believe everything our master says!
  • After not finding any food or shelter, Snowball dies of starvation almost two days after being chased out. This resembles the situation when The Tsar and his family were being moved from place to place because they couldn't find shelter after being overthrown. 
  • Yeah! Snowball did this too! Woof! Our Master is always right! Woof! If you don't believe him we're going to tear your throat out! Woof!
  • I knew it! He did this! He's the one who destroyed our windmill and has been doing all theses horrifying things to the farm! From this day on, I want him dead! And whoever I find has been plotting with him, is going to die too!
  • Word count: 735 words
  • Napoleon creates false information to corrupt the minds of the animals. Even though Snowball is dying of starvation, Napoleon lies to everyone and tells to the animals and tells them that Snowball is at fault to make himself look better. He uses many means like violence and lies to  manipulate the minds of his followers to make them think a certain way. This situation happens in real life too; many people get their ideas and information from the media. Therefore, since a lot of info is false, it is easy to corrupt the thought of these individuals.
  • 19 hours after chasing Snowball out
  • Despite the fact that Snowball is dead, Napoleon still insists that Snowball is destroying Animal farm. He does this to erase the doubt that Snowball shouldn't have been chased out and to prove that Napoleon is better. If the animals think that Snowball is evil, Napoleon can rule with absolute power without anyone doubting him. He also used violence to install fear among his individuals in order to make no one rebel. Stalin used similar techniques; he murdered thousands who were against him and made up lies about the Czars being horrible. This made the population fear him since most fear death and the Czars coming back.
  • Statistics show that there is a 100% chance that Snowball did this. It can be proven simply by the fact that Napoleon said so. If you don't believe him, Jones will come back! You wouldn't wan't Jones back, would you?
  • In this scene, Napoleon once again blames Snowball for destroying the windmill, yet Snowball is dead. His dogs threaten the animals with death if they don't believe Napoleon. Squealer uses fake information and warns them about the return of Jones to manipulate the animals. There are many similar examples in real life. For instance, "westernized" media target many different countries and exaggerate many things about them; therefore, many westerners develop negative thoughts about these countries. Another example is the Russian newspaper "Pravda". This fake news outlet was made by the Bolsheviks to spread fake lies and statistics to make them believe that they were living an ideal life. To conclude, don't believe everything you read or are told because most things that are being said/written for a reason and because they have an ulterior motive.
  • Squealer
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