Mother dairy part 4

Updated: 9/3/2021
Mother dairy part 4

Storyboard Text

  • And now, Mother Dairy's Vision and it's mission. Mother Dairy's vision to provide best quality food/milk products and beverages to consumers at affordable prices while ensuring fair returns to the producers.
  • And, it's mission is to give suitable powers to farmers and milk producers through methods that are equitable to them also. They also make sure that farmers and milk producers receive fair market prices for their product.
  • Yes ma'am, but ma'am I want to know how it became so big ?
  • Do you both understand what I was trying to tell you ?
  • Mother Dairy became so huge because it has other brands like Safal and Dhara which produces daily need products like frozen products, vegetables, fruits, Jams, edible oils etc. which gives them enough capital to sit in the market at the top of the list.
  • Have you understood ?
  • I forgot to tell you their product strategies which helps them to sell their products at ease to consumers. They have a focused approach towards customer, always ready for product enhancement, doing smart advertising and lot more.
  • Yes ma'am.
  • And, Joe and Rick do you know why Mother Dairy was started?#It was started to fulfill the need of milk for the people of India and it was started under the operation flood, launched on 13 January 1970 which was the largest dairy development program which helped many brands like - Amul to came into existence.
  • No ma'am, I also don't know.
  • No ma'am, why it was started can you tell us