Middle School Characteristics

Updated: 6/20/2020
Middle School Characteristics

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  • He really has. He's been having growing pains and has been eating everything in sight!
  • You've grown at least 3 inches since I saw you last week at your sister's appointment.
  • Looks like everything is pretty normal for your age. We'll see you next time!
  • We'll see. I'd still be going with you, I don't want you driving without a parent in the car.
  • We can discuss it with your father after school tonight.
  • Next time we come I'll have my driver's license and I'll be able to drive to the appointment.
  • Seriously? That's not fair. I'm almost 16, and my friend's parents let them drive alone.
  • I had a thing with my mom. What did she say?
  • She and her friends were talking about the dance and she didn't see you in class. You should ask her to the dance.
  • Where were you this morning? Samantha was looking for you in home room.
  • I'll think about it. I don't even know if I'll be able to go. My sister's birthday is that day.
  • So skip it. She'll have another one next year.
  • Sister's are the worst. They ruin everything.
  • Tell me about it. Hey, do your parents let you drive by yourselves? My mom is making me drive with her or my dad.
  • My mom says she doesn't have time to drive me everywhere and trusts me to drive alone.
  • I have to drive with a parent or my older sister. It's the worst, but I don't feel as nervous with another person in the car.