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Updated: 7/29/2020
Classics Project

Storyboard Description

Iliad but Battle of the Bands

Storyboard Text

  • I have some great news! I managed to get us into that competition against the Trojans. If we win, we get to play at Helen!
  • That's great! We'll tell the others.
  • Hello, sir! I'm not sure if you remember me, so I'll introduce myself. I am Agamemnon.
  • I remember you! I should've never let you near my daughter! I forbid you from ever seeing Chryseis again!
  • There's no way I can be seen by the Trojans without a girl... I'll have to think of something.
  • I feel I know you pretty well, Briseis. How about you come with me to the competition.
  • Why not? Make it a date!
  • Yeah, well it was time someone manned up enough to ask her out!
  • Why, Agamemnon!? You know I had my heart set of Bryseis! You've been my wing man for months!
  • That's it! I'm done with you! And the band!
  • Sorry, guys. It looks like we won't be making the competition. Achilles decided we all weren't worth his time.
  • We'll give it a shot, Patroclus.
  • I can step in!