MI Hemophilia A
Updated: 1/17/2020
MI Hemophilia A
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  • Hemophilia A is a blood disorder where the clotting factor VIII is missing, which does not allow your blood to clot properly causing excessive bleeding.
  • OW, I skid my arm and won't stop bleeding..
  • Oh no, you should go to the ER NOW
  • My arm is throbbing!! Its so achy and I haven't stopped bleeding this whole car ride!
  • Other symptoms include swollen joints and muscles, excessive bruising, internal bleeding and excessive/severe bleeding after injury
  • Whats wrong with my son?
  • Your son has Hemophilia A. It is blood disorder where it doesn't clot properly. Instead the fibrin clot has gaps and lets blood flow
  • How?
  • He inherited it from you, since the defective gene is found on the X chromosome on the HEMA gene, it is inherited through the mother. This means you are a carrier for this trait
  • Well there is no current cure, Adynovate will lessen blood episodes like this, while Hemlibra can help fill in those missing clot gaps so you won't lose as much blood. If his condition worsens we have options like blood plasma transfusions or synthetic clot factors and even gene replacement therapy
  • How do we deal with this?
  • Can he go back to school, is he contagoius?
  • Of course he can, whenever he has an episode make sure that everyone uses gloves while cleaning up but he is not contagious at all. Your son is perfectly healthy, just has issues with blood clotting that's all.
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