Navigation Acts

Updated: 8/26/2020
Navigation Acts

Storyboard Text

  • 1651
  • Aww man that's annoying I don't like the increase in regulation and control.
  • Hey did you hear about the act they just put? We can't use foreign ships and they are regulating international trade now.
  • 1660
  • What are all the non English born people going to do now? There aren't enough ships for all of them if there can only be 25% of them on board at a time. People are going to start getting angry with England.
  • They did it again! Now there is a law that 75% of people on board ships have to be English-born sailors!
  • 1663
  • It is very frustrating and now we can't form our own trade economy.
  • It takes forever to get our ships out to the colonies! All the inspections and taxes. It's making our goods cost more!
  • 1673
  • Yeah but at least with this act England has a larger presence in the fish and whale oil industries in the Baltic's.
  • Now there are custom charges on goods traveling between colonies!
  • 1690
  • We now not only have all these ridiculous acts but now they have even tighter control on them than before!
  • This better be the last time they enforce more regulations and limitations on us.
  • Overall the Navigation Acts were a series of laws to regulate and restrict trade and commerce for the English. These acts later led to anger and rage within the colonies and was one cause of the American Revolution