Updated: 6/17/2020
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  • First Day of Treatment
  • A pillow is placed for support and a sheet lies on top of the pillow and vac-lock. A ring like device is placed nearby which will be later handed to the patient
  • The patient setup note is opened and the therapist enters the room to prepare the table. The name and DOB is checked on the vac lock to confirm patient identity then placed on the table
  • First Day of Treatment
  • I am doing well, just a bit nervous.
  • It’s ok to be nervous, I will walk you step by step with the treatment procedure but first I need you to change into a gown removing everything from the waist down. Once you’re done take a seat in the changing area and I need you to drink a few ounces of water to make sure your bladder is full for your treatment. It is also important that you remove your bowels. You will need to do this for every treatment. Once you feel full, I will come get you.
  • Hello, Mr.John Doe, I am Jane Doe and I will be your radiation therapist. How are you doing today?
  • Changing Room
  • First Day of Treatment
  • Mr. John Doe, 06/16/1960, and I am receiving treatment for my prostate
  • Can you please verify your name, DOB, and the area being treated for me please?
  • Treatment RoomTrilogy
  • The therapist pulls up all the information on Aria concerning the patient's physics checks, external beam planning, field parameters, prescriptions, and consent form.
  • First Day of Treatment
  • First, you lie down on the table placing your legs into the vac loc to immobilize your legs. Once you are correctly in the immobilization device, you will place your arms on your chest holding onto this ring-like device. Next, your tattoos which were given in your simulation will be highlighted with a washable marker for our reference. You will feel us rotating you and shifting you. That is just us lining you up to your tattoos, but it is very important that you lie still and heavy and don’t help us move you.
  • Therapist Enters the waiting area and waits for the patient.
  • First Day of Treatment
  • “Will i experience any side effects?”
  • Often with patients receiving radiation to their prostate, they experience diarrhea, reduced bladder capacity and impotence. Once your treatment is completed I will walk you over to the nurses where they will explain preventative measures and how to cope with side effects.
  • Therapist goes to get the patient from the changing area and brings them to the door before entering the treatment room. The therapist verifies the patient’s image.
  • First Day of Treatment
  • The therapist walks the patient into the treatment room.
  • Next, the gantry and imagers will move, not to worry it will never touch you. This is us preparing to take images and you will not feel a thing. We will also place a device called calypso over you which will track your prostate implants. Once the doctor comes to verify the images we will continue with treatment. We will be visually and verbally monitoring you at all times. Do you have any questions?”
  • The patient expresses concerns about side effects
  • The patient lies on the table and is triangulated. The gantry and imagers are moved into position. Calypso is placed over the patient and the beacons are tracked.
  • We will begin by taking images now. Please hold still, it will only be 15-20 minutes.
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