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Tiger Queen
Updated: 4/28/2020
Tiger Queen
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  • Hey there, all you cool cats & kittens! It's the Tiger Queen here. Today I'm going to show you a normal day here at our big cat sanctuary.
  • We have to get this tiger on the truck to take him to the doctor! I need to make sure the angle of the ramp isn't too steep so that he can get on safely. The truck bed is 3 ft off of the ground, and the ramp is 6 ft long, so I can use sin^-1(3/6) to figure out that the angle is 30 degrees. That should be fine for him!
  • We're installing a slide today so that our volunteers can have fun while taking a dip in the lake with our cubs. We lost the box that the slide came in and we're trying to figure out how tall the ladder is. We know the slide is 8 ft long, and there is a 60 degree angle where the ladder meets the slide. So by calculating cos(60 degrees)*8, I should be able to find out the answer. The slide is 4 ft tall!
  • At the end of a long day, I like to relax by taking a bike ride and live chatting with my fans. I am trying to figure out what angle I am filming myself at with my 4 ft long selfie stick. My head is 3 ft away from the bike's handlebars, where the selfie stick is balances. I can find the angle by calculating tan^-1 (3/4). The angle is 36.9 degrees!
  • Thanks for sticking with me today, guys! Tune in next time for more adventures with the Tiger Queen!
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