Book 5
Updated: 2/18/2020
Book 5
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  • With delight Hermes goes to Calypso's home for no man can escape her beauty.
  • Calypso tells Hermes to come and have some food a drink while asking why he has come
  • Odysseus has been held captive for a long time by the goddess Calypso on her mansion on an island. Zeus tells the god Hermes to tell Calypso to let Odysseus go. But that Odysseus will only be assisted with how to get a boat to come .
  • "O forlorn, man be still. here you need grieve no more; I have pondered it, and I shall help you ..." (homer 1108)
  • When the two gods have met they instantly recognize each other. But from afar the God Hermes sees Odysseus sitting...sad
  • son of Laertes, versatle odysseus, after these years with me, you still desire your old home? Even so, I wish you well. If you could see it all, before you go- all the adversity you face at sea- you would stay here, and guard this house, and be immortal-though you wanted her forever, that bride for whom you pine each day. can I be less desirable than she is? Less interesting? less beautiful? Can mortals compare with goddesses in grace and form?
  • Odysseus sitting far away was groaning and his eyes were wet while eyes were distant an was looking at the horizon of the sea.
  • 'My lady goddess, here is no cause for anger, My quiet Penelope-how well I know-would seem a shade before your majesty, death and old age being unknown to you, while she must die. Yet, it is true, each day i long for home, long for the sight of home..." (Homer 1108
  • Calypso was done saying this she took the mortal and bth sat Odysseus to the chair left empty now of Hermes, the goddess placed before him victuals and drink of men, then she sat down facing the mortal .
  • While/when calypso was done Odysseus than answered...
  • With the help of the goddess Calypso Odysseus called a boat and set out. for 17 days he rode the boat until he is in sight of Scheria. For 3 days he pummeled by storms and finally swam for the island.
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