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Media studies
Updated: 3/5/2019
Media studies
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  • Outside shot / ext / day (lunchtime)
  • Outside shot /ext/ (lunchtime)
  • outside shot / long shot
  • camera shot : long shot action: kids playing rugby or basketball dialouge : none
  • Rexrxtdrdv % are Camera movement : establing shot action: people playing on the courts Dialouge: no dialouge SFX: school bell -
  • Ext / outside shot
  • Camera movement:long shot action: new reporters (siu) &nd (palu) introducing their question Dialogue: hey guys our question is ‘who are the main culprits of littering in our school? sfx:cardi b song
  • Close up shot / inside school commons
  • camera movement: establishing shot action: the boys playing held/touch Dialogue: Siu will be asking questions to the boys about litter. (Do you ever realise that you litter?) SFX:
  • Camera movement : close up shot action: Everyone will be making heir way to whanau time while me and palu go and find our interviewers SFX: school bell & crowed of kids talking and walking to whanau time
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