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Updated: 2/27/2020
comic strip

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  • The British forced several men, women, and children to move to Nova Scotia.
  • The British captured Jamaica from the Spanish in 1655, the Spanish ran away from the island after freeing their slaves and turning their cattle loose
  • The Spanish did not want British to be able to set up farming on the island easily
  • We should set up a farming area
  • we are not going to give up this land that easy
  • When slaves escaped from British plantations, they joined the maroons in the wilderness of Jamaica. The British were afraid because there were many more slaves in Jamaica than there were masters, and the maroons were fierce fighters.
  • Captain they are on to us
  • For the next 76 years the maroons and the British fought with each other.
  • The maroons knew the forest well and used leaves to disguise themselves. The British lost many people to the sharp shooting maroons
  • BOOM!
  • FIRE!
  • After several conflicts, the Jamaican government got the upper hand in 1796. In order to teach them a lesson, 543 maroons were put in ships and sent away from Jamaica
  • Just over 4 years after they had come to Nova Scotia , the Maroons arrived in Sierre Leon in Africa.
  • Eventually the British decided that the Jamaicans would not turn into Nova Scotian farmes like they had hoped. They agreed with the Maroons' demands and moved them out of Nova Scotia.
  • This is way better than Nova Scotia!
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