Bacon's Rebellion
Updated: 2/16/2021
Bacon's Rebellion

Storyboard Text

  • *Bacon didn't own the land. He took the land and called it his own.
  • (Wealthy, entitled land "owner"*)
  • Hey Berkeley, my family! I'm looking to expand my land! Only problem is that Native Americans already live there. I'm hoping you can get some of your soldiers to help me, you know, force them off the land. Can you do me a solid?
  • Yeahhhh, sorry, Bacon, I can't help you out, man. It's not like I don't want to help you, I just don't want to risk starting a battle with the Native Americans.
  • {Somewhere in Virginia}
  • Governor of (Virgina)
  • I cannot BELIEVE this. Where is his family loyalty?! Fine. I will take over the land on my own... and then I'll come back and seek revenge on Berkeley!
  • Wait, how the heck am I gonna do it by myself?!
  • I will organize my own militia of white and black indentured servants and slaves to join me in exchange for freedom
  • {Insert months of fighting between Bacon's militia and Berkeley's men}
  • {Bacon got his revenge, indeed. }
  • Smell that? No, it is not the smell of Jamestown buning to the ground...I mean, it is the smell of Jamestown Burning to the ground...but MORE is the smell of sweet, sweet revenge!
  • Virginia’s wealthy planters were very concerned by the fact that white and black servants and slaves united to succesfully destroy the colonial capital.
  • (What's that, you say? You're upset to realize that the "power" you thought you had over other people doesn't actually exist...? Boohoo.) {insert eyeroll emoji here}
  • ...and thus began division in American society between People of Color and White...
  • We MUST regain dominance! We cannot have white and black indentured servants and slaves unite again. We MUST create division between them!