Divorce Ashley Mistoler
Updated: 5/23/2020
Divorce Ashley Mistoler

Storyboard Description

First half of my literacy narrative.

Storyboard Text

  • Mike you have till the end of the month to propose or I am going to move out!
  • Dang I knew this was coming soon..
  • Don't do that, you know I love you!
  • Why do you want to get married all of a sudden? What's the rush?
  • We have already been together for eight years..
  • Because I need to know that you want this and that you love me.
  • So what is it going to be Mike?
  • Maybe I don't know myself yet, you just need to wait and see.
  • OMG! Why is she rushing me?
  • Before they have kids, Debra, the woman, rushes the marriage because of the fact that they had been dating for eight years. Mike was not too thrilled with this choice of hers.
  • Finally!! It is about time he asked.
  • YES, Duh!!!
  • Debra, before you leave to go back home, I want to ask... Do you want to marry me?
  • Mike is confused on why Debra feels rushed to get married. Debra just needs reassurance that he actually wants to be with her.
  • Hey Mike! I am going to have a group of friends over later today to hangout with.
  • How are we ever going to stay married if she is always doing what she wants..
  • You know I don't like when you have a bunch of people over when I have just got off of work.
  • This is one week later and Debra wants to know before she leaves whether they are going to get married or not. Mike is not too sure what he wants to do yet and keeps making her wait.
  • Well I am having children regardless
  • Hey, I think we should talk about having children.
  • What's there to talk about? You know I don't want to have any kids.
  • As Debra is leaving to go back home, Mike shows up at the airport and proposes to her. Since she rushed the proposal of course she said yes.
  • Just after they got married they hit their first argument. Debra wanted some friends over, and Mike did not seem too fond of this idea.
  • Six months into the marriage Debra decides it is a good time to bring up kids and discuss whether they will have them or not. Mike has his mind pretty much made up and tells her that they don't even need to talk about it.