Divorce Part 2 Ashley Mistoler
Updated: 5/23/2020
Divorce Part 2 Ashley Mistoler

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Part 2 of my comic on divorce.

Storyboard Text

  • Well we never really talked about it, but I am glad that's what you have decided.
  • Wow I wonder what made him decide on this!
  • Debra, remember the other day when we were talking about having kids? Well I've been thinking, I think I might one or two.
  • Why is she doing this right now?
  • You know that can't happen because I own a business and have to work.
  • You know that once I have this baby you are going to need to stay at the house more often.
  • I am not dealing with this tonight.. I need sleep.
  • Mike it's your turn to try and put her to sleep tonight.
  • Wawawawahhhhh
  • BUT.. but she never stops crying!!
  • A couple weeks after their first talk about having kids Mike has finally decided he might want to have some. Debra is very happy by his decision.
  • Mike, you never help out with our daughter or around the house.
  • Why are they always arguing?
  • Yes I do Debra, I just have to work and own a business as well.
  • Just after Debra had became pregnant her and Mike got into an argument. She wanted him to stay home more with her and the baby, and because of his working situation he could not help with this.
  • You've been served.
  • I am so confused...Why is this happening right now?
  • Wait these are divorce papers... that can't be right.
  • After their baby girl was delivered they both realized how hard taking care of a crying baby actually was. Debra took care of the baby majority of the time since Mike was always at work.
  • Yes Mike I do want a divorce. I just can't do this anymore. I'm so sorry.
  • Why was I served divorce papers today at work? Do you seriously want to get a divorce? Why?
  • Wow.. I am really hurt.
  • Just a few years later Debra and Mike got into another bad argument. The main problem which led to all their arguments was Mike's job. Debra wasn't happy with his lack of helping her out.
  • A few months later just after Mike got to work he got served with divorce papers. He was surprised because Debra and him never discussed getting a divorce and were even getting along earlier that morning.
  • Later that night Mike asked about the divorce papers he was served at work and what they were about. Debra was honest and said she couldn't keep on with their marriage. This was the end of the road for them and they ended up getting a divorce just a few years later.