Jonah B & V

Updated: 6/16/2021
Jonah B & V

Storyboard Text

  • Jonah never did what he was told, even as a kid. So when God asked him to do a task , he was quick to make up excuses.
  • Hehehe...!!!
  • Jonah, I need you to go to the city of Nenavah and send on a message to the people. I need you to tell them to stop fighting and love one another. Show them how to love one another. Do this for me Jonah, please.
  • No! I am a Jew so the people of Nenavah will kill me! I refuse to go there and try to talk to them!
  • Still refusing to agree with God, Jonah ran and hopped on a ship heading for Tarshish. In return, God created a massive storm that rocked the seas.
  • Jonah explains what happened and how he disobeyed god and the storm is his punishment.
  • What did you do??!! 
  • Well..
  • The crew decide to throw Jonah over-board to stop the storm. As the storm calms, Jonah knows he's going to drown. God has other plans for him and sends a whale to calm swallow him and take him back to shore.
  • HELP!!!