AP Psych Project
Updated: 11/22/2019
AP Psych Project

Storyboard Text

  • On the eve of Thanksgiving at family dinner Billy would not stop burping, making Grandma nervous for dinner the next day.
  • *belch*
  • Disgusting, Billy! Cut that out!
  • Haha!
  • Operant Conditioning!!!
  • So, that night Grandma sat down and thought up a scheme to reinforce Billy's manners and discourage his burping.
  • How am I going to prevent Billy's belching tomorrow? Aha!
  • Grandma cooked a meal she knew Billy wouldn't be able to resist! Her plan seemed bulletproof!
  • A reward?!
  • Don't burp today, Billy. If you use your manners I'll give you a reward!
  • When Billy suppressed his burp and excused himself, Grandma positively reinforced his manners by immediately giving him a piece of food that he wanted,which is a primary reinforcer. She eventually switched from continuous reinforcement to a fixed-interval schedule and gave him a reward in 25 minute intervals, as long as he didn't burp within the time.
  • Wow, Billy! I'm impressed!
  • Wow, Grandma! Your operant conditioning scheme worked! Billy hasn't belched all dinner!
  • I can't believe that immediate, positive reinforcement worked! By giving him a primary reinforcer for using his manners he didn't burp! The fixed-interval schedule worked like a charm too! He suppressed every burp to try to get a reward!
  • That night, Grandma reflected on what she accomplished.