Chemistry project

Updated: 5/19/2020
Chemistry project

Storyboard Text

  • Jean Dumas
  • The middle ages when these two men discovered ACETONE
  • Justus Liebig
  • Fast forward to now
  • Chaim Weizmen when he processed a mass amount of acetone during WW1.
  • Does anyone know what type of compound an acetone is?
  • Compound!
  • Does anybody know the physical property? and the chemical property?
  • It tastes good and smells bad for physical.
  • Chemical is its acidity with 19 and basicity has -5.2.
  • Where would you use acetone?
  • To remove nails?
  • its the main ingredient in it actually!
  • Nooo it's nail polish remover right?
  • Citations: and google
  • Does anyone impacts acetone made? And what it's formula is?
  • NaOH?
  • NOOOO it's C3H6O
  • Uhm doesn't it make people feel dizzy and make babies born with defects