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Rise and Fall of Charlemagne's Empire
Updated: 3/14/2016
Rise and Fall of Charlemagne's Empire
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  • Charlemagne rose to power after his grandfather and father. These emperors were said to have great impact and were great leaders.
  • Much of his success came from his great military power. He overtook the Papal States and many other areas. He defeated surrounding people, taking over their land and expanding his empire.
  • After Charlemagne answered the Pope's call for help, the Pope decided to crown him emperor of the Roman People. Since the empire was so large, Charlemagne would have to get help.
  • Charlemagne chose officials, called counts, to help assist him with the empire. These counts had to obey his rules, and we rewarded with large tracts of land.
  • Soon, groups such as the Vikings, led by Leif Eriksson, began to attack. With Charlemagne getting near the end of his life, the empire started to experience a downfall.
  • Eventually, the Carolingian Empire fell, even more so after Charlemagne's death. Like most empires, this one fell after the rule of the emperor.
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