Updated: 2/14/2020

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  • I had to know if we were still... Why didn't you write me?
  • Couldn't you have waited, Squint?
  • Elevator
  • I'm sorry
  • Oh, phew. Hey, that's okay. I must have scared you, too
  • I want to be happy, and looking like a real person is the first step
  • The last thing I want is to become some empty-headed new pretty
  • Tally wanted to see Peris, but she was still ugly. So, Tally snuck into the Garbo Mansion wearing a pig mask
  • I'm Dr. Cable, and this is Special Circumstances
  • I can't help you. I made a promise
  • After Tally escaped from the mansion, she meets a girl named Shay. Shay was an ugly too
  • You don't owe this girl anything. She's done nothing but cause you trouble
  • Guys, I'm going to have to think about this
  • Tally and Shay go to the Rusty Ruins together. Before their operation Shay tells Tally that she does not want to be pretty
  • I'll find someone else and you'll be ugly forever
  • Okay, I'll do it. Turn it off
  • The day of Tally's operation, Dr. Cable tells her that she can't be pretty because Shay ran away.
  • Tally's parents visit and advise her to help Special Circumstances.
  • Tally makes the decision to help Special Circumstances and find Shay. Tally is given the task to find Shay in hopes to become pretty.