Act 2 story board
Updated: 3/18/2021
Act 2 story board

Storyboard Text

  • Simile
  • “ These sudden joys havesudden endings. They burn up in victorylike fire and gunpowder.”
  • Foreshadowing
  • “Oh, poor Romeo! He'salready dead. He's been stabbed by awhite girl's black eye.”
  • Personification
  • “Darkness is stumblingout of the sun's path like a drunk man.”
  • In act 2 scene 6 Friar Laurence states "these sudden joys have sudden endings. They burn up in victory like fire and gunpower." This is an example of a simile Friar Laurence is using like to compare there love to firs and gunpower. You could also say this is foreshowing since we know that there love will have a sudden ending.
  • In act 2 scene 4 Benvolio is having a conversation with Mercutio, Benvolio states " Oh poor Romeo! He's already dead. He's been stabbed by a white girls black eye" As a reader we know Romeo and Juliet love will end in death. "he's already dead" this foreshadows the ending of their love.
  • In act 2 scene 3 friar Laurence is in a room alone preparing for Romeo to arrive, he says "Darkness is stumbling out of the suns path like a drunk man" This is an a example of personification since the author is giving "darkness" a human characteristic "stumble"