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Updated: 3/12/2020
story board

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  • Don't go near here. Those Radley's are crazy!
  • Don't talk to me when you're here. You stay with the 1st grade and i'll stay with the 5th grade.
  • Here's a quater and you can just pay me back tomorrow.
  • Oh no.....
  • This is when Jem and Scout were telling Dill about the Radley's. He was telling him all the tales about Boo and how they were crazy and how its best to just stay away from there.
  • You treat everyone with respect
  • This is on the first day of school when Jem is basically telling Scout he doesn't want to be seen with her and to leave him alone unless he comes up to her.
  • Hmmm, wonder what that is??
  • This is when Walter didn't have any lunch so Ms. Caroline was like you can just pay me back tomorrow but she didn't know he was a Cunningham and that they can't pay back people.
  • I have a new game we can play!
  • This was when Walter went over to the FInch's house and Calpurnia was like Walter is guest and you treat all guests with respect and she was like well he's just a Cunningham and Calpurnia was like no, you treat everyone with respect.
  • This was when Scout found the piece of gum wrapped up in tin-foil in front of the Radley's house.
  • This is right after Scout was being pushed in the tire and they got called to go have some lemonade. While they were drinking it Jem came up with the new game, The Radley game.