war of 1812
Updated: 2/26/2020
war of 1812

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Ashton Holbert

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  • The War of 1812By Ashton Holbert
  • Some of the things that pushed America to war was the impressment of US ships, Britain blocking us from trading with France, As well as Britain arming local native tribes with British made guns. Another thing that caused the war was when the British shot down the Chesapeake just a few miles away from the harbor.
  • War hawks were overjoyed when the war of 1812 began. They thought taking control of Canada was a mere matter of marching, But they were wrong. Each year from 1812 through 1814 the British drove us out of Canada. In 1813, A US naval force pushed into upper Canada and defeated the British, However The British drove the US back out in December. By 1814 Napoleon had been defeated in Europe which meant Britain could then send thousands of troops across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • A British fleet had surrendered to US forces after the battle of lake Champlain in New York. The British launched an invasion in New Orleans. New Orleans was being defended by General Andrew Jackson and a diverse army of 7000 militia that included a few African Americans, Natives, and pirates. The battle ended with the US victorious.
  • Both sides of the war claimed victory. However, neither side really won the war of 1812, the Ghent Treaty didn't resolve any of the issues that led to war. however, the issues faded away as peace settled over Europe. Many Americans considered the war of 1812 as the second war of independence. The end of the war didn't give anything to either side, which is why no one really won the war. However, by the end of the war, Americans began to feel a sense of pride and patriotism.
  • The End!