Updated: 6/7/2020
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  • We don't need to do this, partner, we could just talk this out!
  • No! I ain't your partner, I just need to have a smoke and then we duel!
  • Now hold on a minute, you smoke? How often do you do that!?
  • I like to smoke about 7 times a day, what's it to ya?
  • Smoking is very bad for yer health, partner. It can hurt yout body's vital organs and can even kill ya!
  • You're bluffin', why, all my gang partners smoke regularly, it can't be that bad can it?
  • Smoking can lead to Lung Disease or Cancer, and can worsen cases of Tuberculosis or Bronchitis
  • Smokin' can lead to many lung and respiratory illnesses.
  • Exactly. I like to study the economic system and it seems like that will equal to 245 dollars in about 120 dollars years..
  • Smoking can also leave you with financial troubles, think, how much do you pay weekly for cigars?
  • Almost 8 dollars a week.
  • So, I've told you all the negatives of smoking, so why do you still do it?
  • I don't know, partner, I just can't seem to stop. I started when I was just a boy, and ever since it's been hard to stop
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