Never Let Me Go
Updated: 11/22/2019
Never Let Me Go

Storyboard Text

  • We are introduced to the 3 main characters: Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy. They live in a boarding school known as Hailsham.
  • While at Hailsham, being creative is highly emphasized. However, Tommy refuses to put effort in his art. Occasionally, Madam comes to Hailsham to take some art to her gallery.
  • Miss Lucy reveals to the students that their vital organs will be donated before they become too old. The children still pretend that they will grow up to be actors.
  • Once they become old enough, Tommy, Kathy, and Ruth move to a cottage. At the cottage, they work. We are also introduced to Mr. Keffer, Rodney, and Chrissie.
  • These people are just being created for their organs. These kids have human emotions, and the love that they feel for one another illustrates their humanity.
  • It is revealed that the characters were created through cloning and that their "possible" is out and about in society.
  • Tommy is an impressionable man who is dependent on others for love.
  • Kathy is the narrator. She has little self-respect and she is exploring her sexuality.. However, her testimony is biased.
  • It seems that Tommy has feelings for Kathy, and Kathy feels the same. However, Tommy is dating Ruth.
  • Ruth likes to exert her dominance by degrading others. Also, she is manipulative and deceiving.