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Road to Revolution
Updated: 11/20/2017
Road to Revolution
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  • Americans started to protest and smuggle sugar so they called that the Sugar Act.
  • We have sugar inside.
  • The British taxed the Americans on almost all popular items that they called the Townshend Act.
  • Nevermind I am good.
  • What would you like today. The taxes is higher way higher.
  • Americans started throwing tea off ships and that made the Tea Act.
  • STOP!!!!!!!!
  • The king ordered that there is no more governors, representatives or courts and they called that the Intolerable Acts
  • No more governors, representatives or courts  the colonies are now run through me.
  • Great Britain required colonists to find or pay for lodging for British troops and they called this Quartering Act.
  • I will stay here for a few days.
  • NO!!!!
  • The battle of lexington but people know it as "The Shot Heard All Around The World."
  • PLEASE DON'T!!!!
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