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Edgar's Trip 1
Updated: 3/31/2020
Edgar's Trip 1
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  • Hello! My Name is Edgar. I love the beach! My favorite things to do are scuba dive and sunbathe. I'm going to tell you about a time that I went to the beach.
  • It was a beautiful day, perfect for a swim. I dove in. That's when I spotted a shark! It was 15 feet deeper than me, and I was looking at it with an angle of depression of 45°. I wanted to know how horizontally far it was from me, so I used tan45=15/x and got 15 feet.
  • I kept swimming, in hopes of finding more things. I saw a lobster 5 feet above me. I was 6 horizontal feet away from the lobster and I wanted to know what angle of elevation was formed, so I used tanx=6/5. I got 50.2°.
  • I spotted an island and thought I'd take a quick break. I sat 11 feet from the base of a palm tree. I looked up and saw a coconut that was diagonally 16 feet from where I was sitting. I wanted to know what the angle of elevation was, so I used cosx=11/16 and got 46.6°.
  • I got back in the water and saw a seagull flying above me. I was looking at it at an angle of elevation of 55°. There was 41 feet (diagonally) between my head and the bird, so I used sin55=x/41 and found that it was 33.6 feet higher than me.
  • After seeing that awesome bird, I swam a bit deeper. That’s when I saw a seal pup! It was close to the bottom of the ocean, 10 feet below me. There were 23 diagonal feet between my head and the seal. I wanted to know what angle of depression was formed when I was looking at the seal, so I used sinx=10/23 and got 25.8°.
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