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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/27/2019
Unknown Story
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  • MY RIASEC CODE By: Assyria Cooper
  • Do you know anything about Dr. John Holland and the RIASEC CODE?
  • No, but maybe we can find out some information if we look it up.
  • I looked up the RIASEC CODE and it told me what it was and it gave me the defintions for them.
  • What are they?
  • Their was also a little survey and now i have my results.
  • Did they come out good?
  • John Holland was an American psychologist, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University, and the creator of a career development model, Holland Occupational Themes, and he is also the one who created RIASEC.
  • Maybe i should take the survey?..
  • REALISTIC: work activities that include , hands-on problems and solutions INVESTIGATIVE: working with ideas, and requires thinking ARTISTIC: working with forms, designs and patterns SOCIAL: working with, communicating with, and teaching people ENTERPRISING: starting up and carrying out projects CONVENTIONAL: following set procedures and routines
  • I've been thinking about two main careers i've been wanting to do.
  • The experience taking the survey wasn't bad. It would ask you different questions like if you liked a certain area like technology, and you would rank how much you liked that area. When i finished taking my survey my personality trait is SIA(Social, Investigative, and Artistic).
  • I would be committed to my job.
  • My dominant trait is social , and i am really good with talking to people and listening and having a reply back. My two recessive traits are investigative and artistic. When i am artistic i can create new things or maybe come up with ideas but i am not that good at it. One way i am investigative is because i can work with ideas and actually break it down in a thinking process.
  • You should and you will know which one is your dominant trait and your two recessive.
  • Two of my main careers is to become a Psychologists and a substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor. The main career i want is to become a Psychologists, and you have to have a doctoral degree and at least 5 years to become one. Some programs require people to have a masters degrees while others admit with relevant experience.
  • Are you sure they are the best fit for you and would you be committed to the job?
  • The salary for this area of work 10 years from now would be $75,090 a year. Employment of psychologists is expected to grow 10%-14%, between the years of 2016 and 2026.
  • I've decided i wanna be a Psychologists.
  • What job have you choosen?
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