my self as a hero
Updated: 2/23/2021
my self as a hero

Storyboard Text

  • What happen why are you crying?
  • hey Becca dont be up set okay
  • okay...
  • we are here for you. you can talk to us
  • so do you want to talk about why you want to hurt your self
  • i wanted to hurt my self because my boyfriend broke up with me.
  • Windy and her best friend went to Becca room and saw she was crying
  • hey look just because your boyfriend left you dont mean its the end of the world okay. you are a beautiful girl. im sure you'll find someone better
  • okay i understand thank you.
  • Windy and her best friend sat down next to Becca and try to calm her down
  • hey look im here for you even if i dont know you
  • okay thank you so much
  • Becca soon then started to tell Windy everything.
  • Windy started to explain to Becca
  • Becca was still up set but she was happy
  • Windy and her best soon left back home