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Fred - The Mimicking Tailfin
Updated: 8/27/2020
Fred - The Mimicking Tailfin
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  • This is a story of Fred, the Mimicking Tailfin. Fred lives in the cold, windy and dry polar region of Iceland along with friends and family.
  • Fred is a vertebrate mammal. He is big and bulky. His head is like a fox, body like a giant anteater and tail like a woolly spider monkey. His body is covered with thick brown and white fur to keep it warm in the extreme cold. His legs are short, fat and padded to help it walk, climb and run on ice. He has a long and bushy tail which can scoop its prey in the air.
  • Fred is a carnivorous mammal. He loves to eat seals, fish, walruses, arctic fox etc. He is a very smart and cunning predator. He copies the sound of His prey to bring them closer to it and then hunts them. Example: Fred makes the sound of a seal, hearing this the seal approaches him and then Fred pounces on the seal and kills it and enjoys his yummy meal.
  • Fred use to live happily in the polar region but not anymore. His habitat is in danger because of Global Warming. The ice is melting and his home is becoming smaller. The ice glaciers are separating which makes it difficult for Fred to reach its prey.
  • Due to this Fred has to change his life. He stays hungry for days and eats whatever smaller prey is available. His body is also getting affecting by the heat and his fur is becoming thinner.
  • To save Fred and his home, humans should reduce Global Warming by1) Reducing Pollution2) Using solar powered/ battery operated cars3) Don't throw waste in the oceans and seas4) Save electricity5) Don't cut trees
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