Unknown Story
Updated: 3/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Yes my lady im sorry i will go now.
  • i told you 5 minutes ago to walk my dog go walk him now!
  • Im coming!
  • Heeelp!
  • queen Isabell was really rude and strict. She got mad at Ariana for not walking the dog because she was doing the dishes and demand her to walk her dog now.
  • So she went outside to walk the dog it was all peaceful until...
  • A werewolf appeared! Ariana screamed for help.Queen Isabell heared her and came running she knew about werewolfs and always carried werewolf venom so she poisened him. Ariana was so grateful she saved her life and thought she has at least a bit of good in her. Maybee something happened and thats why she is like that.