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Updated: 5/13/2020
Humanities Story Board

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  • I'm sorry
  • How dare you disobeyed the tribe's law! Disgraceful!
  • Shoot him! The tribe leader wants him dead!
  • He's not far away, capture him!
  • No!!!
  • Yes sir!
  • Release your arrows and throw the spear!
  • Your surrounded! Give up!
  • You have only worsened your punishment by running away!
  • If we forgive you we won't get our reward. Now shut up or it'll be more painful than ever!
  • You have to pay for what you've done!
  • No! Please forgive me! I'm sorry!
  • If we let you go all our work will go in vain.
  • A simple sorry and forgive me won't solve the problem!
  • Beat him up it's not like he'll feel it. Hahah!
  • Die you criminal
  • This last shot should do it