2 Samuel 17-18
Updated: 3/19/2020
2 Samuel 17-18

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Absalom. “Let me pick twelve thousand men and set out tonight in pursuit of David.” (2 Samuel 17:1)
  • That's a good idea Achitofel. I wonder what Hushai thinks of it.
  • Naw fam. “When we come upon him in whatever place he may be, we’ll descend on him [as thick] as dew falling on the ground; and no one will survive, neither he nor any of the men with him.” (2 Samuel 17:12). I have a better idea...
  • WOW! That is so much better than Achitofel's idea. Lets do it.
  • Zadok, Abithar. “Now send at once and tell David, ‘Do not spend the night at the fords of the wilderness, but cross over at once; otherwise the king and all the troops with him will be annihilated.’” (2 Samuel 17:16).
  • “When Achithofel saw that his advice had not been followed, he saddled his ass and went home to his native town. He set his affairs in order, and then he hanged himself. He was buried in his ancestral tomb.” (2 Samuel 17:23).
  • Thank you all for being here today. As I am sure you aware, I am David and I just "mustered the troops who were with [me] and set over them captains of thousands and captains of hundreds.” (2 Samuel 18:1). Lets take Absalom down but please be gentle, he is my son after all. Lets go take back our kingdom!
  • Yay. We got the big baddie and now David can be king again.
  • I love pinatas!
  • AAAA! I'm stuck in this tree!
  • This is what he gets for messing with God.
  • Thank you all for helping take down my enemy but please don't hurt him. Oops. Too late. Joab and he men killed him. Okay. At least the lord vindicated all who rebelled against me.