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Mongol Storyboard
Updated: 10/13/2020
Mongol Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Mongols and Climate Change
  • Oh no how can we farm now!
  • Mongol Communication
  • Warfare and City Seizure
  • I cant believe they made me build this ram and used it on my own city
  • The pastures in the homeland of Mongolia became deserts and forced the Mongols to move south
  • Warfare
  • The Mongols had the fastest communications in the world, and their system consisted of a horse back rider stationed every 30 miles, like the pony express. it was the best in the world at the time
  • Impact on Trade
  • City of Caffa
  • To get through the walls and gates of Chinese cities, the Mongols made Chinese engineers (prisoners) design battering rams to break down the gates, and that's one way they were successful in capturing cities.
  • The Plague
  • Aggg I'm dead from the plague
  • The Mongols use of Horses in battle way revolutionary, and they had the first all cavalry army. They could travel farther and faster than anyone else and they used quick attacks like no one had ever seen. each Mongol soldier had 4 horses so they could always fight at their best.
  • Wow these Mongol horses are so fast there's no way we can strike back at them
  • The Mongolian empire united europe to east asia with safe trade because the whole area was under protection. This created a golden age of trade at its peak.
  • Wow it is so easy to trade now because there are no bandits everywhere
  • In 1346 Jani Beg, one of Genghis Khans children, Catapulted dead bodies who had been infected by the plague into the city of Caffe, spreading the plague into Europe.
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