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Updated: 2/3/2020
parvana:Bread winner
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  • Main Characters
  • Settings
  • Conflict
  • The main characters are Parvana and her family. Theres Parvana ,her older sister Nooria, the little sister Maryam, and a couple more. There is Ali the baby brother, t he mom Fantana,and the dad who's name isn't mentioned! [Ellis 15]
  • theme
  • They lived in a crammed little room. They were once rich but all there houses before had been bombed! [Ellis 15]
  • social issue
  • Parvana's father was arrested for no reason at all! [Ellis 33-35] So parvana turned herself into a boy and worked in the market,so they could have food to eat![Ellis 63-66]
  • symbol
  • The theme is, Hard work and bravery will always pay off. [Ellis 72]
  • The social issue is the Taliban are arresting inoccent people. They beat women and put men in jail for no reason. They take people who did nothing like Parvana's father. [Ellis 33-35]
  • The burqua is a big symbol! Its not a good symbol, it reminds parvana of bad times. Times where things wern't ok! But overall these events made her stronger! [Ellis 26]
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