Updated: 2/8/2021

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  • While I was growing up, my best friend lived down the street from me, it was the best thing I could have wished for since I could get to her house to play in less than 30 steps.
  • My mom said “Hey! Abby is going to be sleeping over for a couple days this week!” This made me ecstatic, having a long sleepover with my best friend was a dream come true. Abby ended up staying in my pink and purple guest bedroom for about two weeks.
  • We spent every second together, eating cookies and cream pop tarts for breakfast, driving to school in my moms red jeep, and going swimming in the hot tub in the backyard.
  • Where am I going to fit my stuff? Why did I move here? When can I see my friends?
  • Abby got a new place to live after a couple weeks. Her new house was in her uncle's basement and was only one bedroom which already had his items in it so Abby's stuff was crammed in corners and boxes
  • My mom would have me bring a bag over to their house full of food, money, and toiletries. Every time Abby's mom would try to deny the items and have me go home with them which my mom didn’t allow.
  • No! I can't take it!
  • “Honey, Abby is going to be moving far away soon because her mom got fired from her job again.”
  • No!!! I'm so sad I don't want her to move far away!