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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/1/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Hello my name is Zika and I live in the Paleolithic Age , we are nomadic this means that we don´t stay in one place for to long. We are also hunter-gathers; this means we hunt to stay a live. We build temporary homes so we can travel without getting to attached with this spot.
  • Hello my name is Freya and I am from the Neolithic Age. We have just started building our civilization and farming. Man kind began in East Africa about 7 million years ago. Wow!Tools, pottery, weapons, or other artifacts can be found in your village.
  • Hello , our name are Kate and John we are framing for our village. But our sister Kali is a cloth weaver she takes after our mom. And your dad is a architect. The animals like cows and goats give us milk and meat. But, we also grow plants and other crops for extra protein.
  • In the Paleolithic period (roughly 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 B.C.), early humans lived in caves or simple huts or tepees and were hunters and gatherers. They used basic stone and bone tools, as well as crude stone axes, for hunting birds and wild animals.
  • The Neolithic Age began around 12,000 years ago and ended as civilizations started to rise around 3500 BCE. The term Neolithic comes from two words: Neo, or new, and lithic, or stone. As such, this time period is sometimes referred to as the New Stone Age.
  • Wild grains were collected and eaten at least 105,000 years ago in the Neolithic Age. However, domestication did not occur until much later. Starting from around 9500 BC, crops and other plants were planted to get a greener diet in their bodys.
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