trig. math project
Updated: 3/11/2020
trig. math project

Storyboard Text

  • Daley is stranded on a island and needs to find food but she has to know how high and far away she is. so she can get what she wants.
  • Shes sees that she is 17 feet away from the tree and at an angle of 78. She wants to find out how high the coconut is so uses trig.
  • tan (78) x 17= 25ft.
  • 25 ft. high
  • 78
  • 17 ft.
  • X ft.
  • She eats the coconut and is still so hungry she comes across a banana. This time she knows the height is 35 ft. and she knows the angle is 67 she uses trig. to find how far away she is.
  • 35ft. / tan (67) = 15ft.
  • 15 ft. away
  • 67
  • x ft.
  • 35ft.