stranded by: audrey fry
Updated: 3/11/2020
stranded by: audrey fry

Storyboard Text

  • Daley is stranded on a island and needs to find food but she has to know how high and far away she is. so she can get what she wants.
  • Daley really wants a mango and pineapple so she knows that the tree is 9 ft high and 5 ft away but she needs to know the elevation so she uses trig.
  • Shes sees that she is 17 feet away from the tree and at an angle of 78. She wants to find out how high the coconut is so uses trig.
  • tan (78) x 17= 25ft.
  • 25 ft. high
  • After getting everything Daley was happy that she wasnt hungry anymore but she was still really sad because she was lonely. She looked across the way and saw that there was someone else with her
  • 78
  • 17 ft.
  • X ft.
  • She eats the coconut and is still so hungry she comes across a banana. This time she knows the height is 35 ft. and she knows the angle is 67 she uses trig. to find how far away she is.
  • They meet eachother and become best friends!
  • 35ft. / tan (67) = 15ft.
  • 15 ft. away
  • 67
  • x ft.
  • 35ft.
  • 36
  • tan-1 (9/5) = 36
  • x
  • 5 ft.
  • 9ft.