Respiratory System Story
Updated: 1/27/2021
Respiratory System Story

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Where were you all day? You missed the game!
  • I know! But man do I have a story for you
  • So there I was going about my day when all the sudden a gust of wind blew me into a classroom.
  • At first I was chill with it, but then I realized how close I was to the lady in front.
  • ...
  • Before I knew it I was sucked into her throat and was travelling through her airways. I saw so many things! It was amazing! I saw the Bronchi, lungs, Alveoli, then I got a little lost.
  • But when I got confused a nice fellow oxygen told me that we were supposed to turn into the capillaries to  circulate before we could leave. Apparently it was a one-way type of deal.
  • So that's where I was! I was learning about a thing called anatomy and got to travel around someone's circulatory and respiratory system! I almost gotl ost in the left ventricle but oxygen number 395382 helped me out.
  • You really have to start being more careful.