Viruses 2.0
Updated: 11/9/2018
Viruses 2.0
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  • asdf
  • ghjkl;'asdfghjkl;'asdfghjkl;'asdfgh
  • jkl;'asdf
  • AHH!!! The computers! They're crashing!!
  • N-nobody panic! I'm sure it's just n-nothing
  • Ugh. See I told y'all this would happen.
  • It's just a computer virus.
  • I was right
  • It was just another day at school and students were getting ready for their last class of the day, but not all was what as it seemed...
  • A Virus is a type of programmed code that changes the way a computer operates. When these changes are made, it effects the computer negatively. This may corrupt an entire system or cause only one computer to malfunction.
  • JUNK
  • Featuring: Sara Racel, Brennan Fullmer, Mr. Walstead, Audrey Pourreau, and Jojo Josephs
  • New! Important Email! Hello there! You have been selected as the winner of the $1 million cash spin! Click here to collect your prize!
  • www.Winning
  • Additional Features: Mary Austin, Sarah Thabet, Virginia Miller, a random girl, a criminal, and Bob Ross
  • Comic written, planned, and produced by Audrey Pourreau using
  • Hackers and Scammers send out fake emails and links hoping to catch prey to the viruses.
  • Through these attachments, they are able to infiltrate entire systems.
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