humanities urbanizaiton
Updated: 12/2/2020
humanities urbanizaiton

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  • mom! Dina's moving to the cities! i dont know what that means but she said she's going to settle there! im going to miss her..
  • aw honey, that's called urbanization, a lot of people are migrating right now.
  • but whyy?
  • baby, there are a lot of reasons as to why people are moving such as to get a better living condition and so, but i heard Dina's father got a great job offer there and so they decided to settle there for good.
  • but mom! if everyone's moving to the cities, what will happen?! it'll overflow!
  • yes sweetheart! i understand your concern and of course there are consequences such as pollution and the increase of crime due to the increase of population in the area.
  • is that it?
  • nope! also due to the increasing population, the physical environment itself can be affected since their activities and demands on resources has also increased. traffic congestion's also one of the consequences!
  • oh no! isnt that badd?
  • yes it indeed is but of course people don't move there for no reason, by migrating there, they get better living conditions, education, facilites, job opportunities, and many more!
  • then shouldn't we move too?
  • hm, maybe next time honey, i like being here!
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